At ANC Kids, our desire is for childhood to be celebrated, cherished and LAST! We desire every child to live
Our desire is to assist parents in helping their child(ren) discover who God is for themselves in fun, impactful way that they will remember their whole lives.
We believe that children do not have to stray from the path of grace filled living.
We also want to help families in our community build and nurture life-long relationships within the church family that, in turn, transforms our community.
Babies enjoy a peaceful environment of play and love during service.

We believe that it is never too early to expose our children to the voice and love of God.

Energy and fun describe this age group! A typical service in Pre-K includes songs, dancing, fun video lessons, crafts and, of course, snacks!

We train our children to listen and obey the voice of our Father who loves us.

Our school age kids are bombarded daily by the world with its definition of what life should look like and what’s important. We instill God’s perspective on what He wants our lives to look like: healthy, thriving and full of joy! God’s Word is communicated in many ways in ANC Kids: teaching, object lessons, games, videos…we use all available tools to reach this generation!