Our story began in 2006 in Pastor Joseph and Anita’s rental home in Fort Worth with a handful of friends.

While there is certainly no shortage of awesome churches in the DFW area, there is no other church like this one. Someone once described ANC as “the smallest mega church in Fort Worth”. We like that…we are a small body (that is growing), but together we have accomplished some great things and have vision to do more for this community!


Our heart is to help people experience God’s love and grace, embodied in Jesus Christ, through a relational and powerful message, rather than manmade religion. 

We want to equip the body of Christ to take what they have received and learned and share it with the world around us, making an impact with that love.

It is Finished.” (John 19:30)

Here at ANC, we know that when we accept Jesus, we are made completely whole. We’ve already been given everything we need in Him.

Religion tells you that you need to fix what’s wrong with you. You may have heard that you need to pray more, volunteer more, or give more, to be a better Christian.

But love always wins over fear, guilt and comparison.

We believe that the love that Jesus pours out on us is the core message of the gospel, and we reflect that love freely to one another.

At ANC, we know reminding each other of the finished work of Jesus is what empowers us. Understanding the extent of grace we’ve been given causes us to walk in peace, love others and gives us the faith to do miracles.

God is alive and so is everything that He ever breathed, especially His Word. At ANC we allow the Holy Spirit the freedom to express Himself as He see fits.

We’re made up of people from all different walks of lives and backgrounds, drawn together by a desire to have a safe community where we can heal, grow in love, and make a difference in our neighborhood and our world.